To get your music into the hands of the widest possible audience, and establish yourself as a legitimate artist, you must get your material bar coded...Here’s Why 

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Breaking into the record business is no easy feat. If your dream is to get your music into the hands of the widest possible audience, then the most effective way to establish yourself as a legitimate professional in the music industry is by having your DVD, CD, cassette, video, single, vinyl, 7 inch, or any other musical format - bar coded and registered with SoundScan.

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If you are unfamiliar with SoundScan, SoundScan is an electronic network that provides information, so you can be found by major record companies, producers, radio stations, and concert promoters. These key industry players rely on SoundScan's weekly retail figures to understand what's hot and what's not.

In the past, signing with the major record label was one of the only options available for a new artist. The introduction of new technology has changed the way in which the music industry operates, and has played an integral role in the tremendous success of the Indie industry. Now, with Indies and the use of SoundScan, fresh ways of becoming a star have been born.

Break Through the Clutter!

Successful labels and publishers are constantly inundated with unsolicited material. So much so, that there isn’t enough hours in a day to listen to all of the tracks that they receive. To make matters worse, they consider 98% of this unsolicited material, pure trash. This viewpoint, coupled with the boom of “copyright infringement” lawsuits, has forced record companies to seek out other ways to find new talent.

Today, major record companies are working closely with the independent record labels to weed the good from the bad and they count on SoundScan for facts and data that reveal up-coming trends and consumer interests.

The switch to SoundScan data has drastically altered the Billboard charts and many new and upcoming artists have been catapulted into the limelight. Yes, even Billboard Magazine constructs their charts using SoundScan data.

SoundScan data is vital information that’s regularly scrutinized by new talent seekers. SoundScan provides accumulative nationwide sales totals, tallied from venue sales, as well as over 17,000 music stores in the US alone.

It’s a Numbers Game!

When working with Jazzy Lady ENT. you’ll fully understand the SoundScan reporting procedures and if you choose, we can help you submit a “Title Addition” sheet to add your release into their database.

Plus with all retail chains and online stores, such as CDNow or, using bar codes, unless you want to sell your CD’s from the trunk of your car or from the back of your own studio garage, you really have no choice – you need a unique bar code. This bar code is a 12-digit number called a Universal Product Code Number. 

When dealing with Jazzy Lady ENT. you’ll…

  • Retain 100% of your profits – so no more doling out those expensive record label cuts
  • Have added peace of mind in this cutthroat and competitive industry
  • Maintain complete artistic control of your music - no more conforming to commercial interests
  • Get immediate access to upcoming feature services and future discounts

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