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ABOUT "The Mermaid"

Leaving no musical stone unturned, a songwriter/singer, a student of her craft, but most importantly a performing artist, coined “Mermaid Jameelah Jones’ music is more than an expensive hobby, it’s a “Right of Passage”. From Tyler Texas, Jameelah Jones was born with a “self-imposed” life sentence to the booth. The recording studio has become more than an office space for her. It has become a guest bedroom, where she spends timeless nights creating hits such as "Change Your Ways" produced by hit maker J. White Did It. 

Having been blessed with musical entertainment versatility, one minute your body will be on an emotional sway to “Can You Relate”, a track taking a stroll back down her memory lane of her past pains and struggles similar to those shared of The “Ghetto Diva” Keyshia Cole. This Down to Earth, Texas “Free Spirit”, will give her audiences heart and soul as she pours nothing but feel-good music into track after track. Understanding that the female MC path for her is not completely paved, Jameelah Jones is determined to stay in her lane as she continues to build the alliances between her pad and her pen, true R & B/Hip Hop fans can appreciate! 

Following the release of her much needed and anticipated June solo project “Can You Relate” Jameelah Jones will be ready to test the mainstream waters, with microphone in hand locked and loaded. Jameelah Jones future plans are to continue to record feel good music in the studios and loan her artistic talents to not only the fifth largest media market being the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but to every far and near venue that is ready to witness this female MC “Move Her Crowd” . Jameelah also knows that, with good music + a relentless work ethic + God on her side = all her music dreams will come true.


  For bookings, events and more reach out to Management : Jazzy Lady : Jazzyladyent@gamil.com: 682-561-9847




1. She is a twin  

2. She is  trying to become vegan  

3. “J White Did” It was part of my developmental process  

4. People use to mistake her for Fantasia  

5. If she  wasn’t in entertainment, she would be an investigator.